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This is one of the many reasons why you must attend Culture Cartel 2018. We have partnered with many brands to launch first-hand exclusive drops at Culture Cartel, and the adidas CONSORTIUM RUNNER 4D is the first of many.

The final instalment from the adidas CONSORTIUM RUNNER 4D series is an in-house model. This follows on from SNS, Invincible, Foot Patrol and KITH earlier in the season. The in-house CONSORTIUM RUNNER 4D is built around innovation featuring a high- performance midsole that embodies adidas’ enduring commitment to pioneering technologies, innovative designs and collaborative thinking. This is the first of its kind to utilise Digital Light Synthesis technology. The result is a lattice-like midsole created from light, air and liquid, taking the form of over 20,000 struts that can be individually tuned to maximise control on energy return. Designed to optimise the running experience like no other midsole before it, CONSORTIUM 4D technology is a combination of craftsmanship, athlete-driven data and sporting excellence.

Are you ready to peep into the future? Sale mechanics will be announced soon on our Instagram, be sure to follow!