Have a taste.
Take your time.
He won’t feel a thing.

noop feels helpless. All around him, the world is falling apart. Sea levels rise, droughts persist, and the future has never been bleaker. All the euphoria that was once locked within him slowly begins oozing out his lips and down his chin, and once it melts away entirely, rebuilding this confectionary cosmos will be impossible. This is the beginning of the end.

Meltdown – Anatomy is a life-size 16’’ vinyl bust that explores what it feels like inside when everything around you is coming apart. Each serving comes with a split-open noop packed with scoops of mouthwatering ice cream, vibrant fruit syrups, trails of cloud-white whipped cream, a dash of rainbow sprinkles, one juicy cherry, and a yellow “c-o-a-r-s-e” spoon firmly secured into the delectable cranial dessert. The sculpture comes in coarse’s usual premium production quality and is securely embedded in black sponge inside a color-printed gift box.

You won’t always be who you are. Savor yourself while you can.

Shipping is included.
*Items will be shipped out on 2 January 2020