Yue Minjun’s Incense Chamber Burns With a Vital Force of Life

words by claudia

A year since linking up with AllRightsReserved, Chinese contemporary artist, Yue Minjun collaborates with the Hong Kong-based creative studio again—this time to release a collectible that reconnects with Oriental culture. The “Genesis” Bronze Incense Chamber is painted in black and billows smoke to represent what can be interpreted as the sound of laughter or breath of life, both of which the project explores.

Yue is best known for depicting himself frozen in hysterical laughter in various settings. This iconic character has been reproduced in sculpture, watercolour, prints and now in the form of an incense chamber which also encompasses his life philosophy. The artist reflects upon the coronavirus pandemic, notably on how Qi (a vital energy believed to circulate around the body) is infused in all life and sustains them.

The “MEET Yue Minjun PROJECT” is the studio’s fourth curation in its initiative to engage artists and the community. The collectible is exclusively available on DDT Store and is limited to 50 editions, each signed by the artist and packaged in a wooden box with certificate of authenticity.