Wacko Maria’s Popular Incense Chamber Makes a Comeback

words by claudia

Wacko Maria’s much sought-after incense chamber makes a comeback, this time taking the shape of a black panther perched on a speckled rock in an authoritative stance. Similar to the brand’s sold-out edition of the Virgin Mary “Maria”, this piece was also made in Japan and crafted of 100% ceramic. It measures at 24cm in height and 14.5cm in width with smoke holes drilled in the boulder for an interesting visual effect.

The Japanese label takes inspiration from music, movies and art for each of their seasonal collections. Influenced by their daily experiences, a message is imparted into its creations. The release of this incense chamber timely coincides with the re-emergence of one of the most famed, and at times controversial, political groups in US history, the Black Panthers.

This collectable homeware can be purchased via Trading Post where it retails at $280 USD.