SEGA Celebrates 60 Years With Micro Console

words by claudia

The history of portable game consoles can be traced back to as far as 1979. Having been through a series of evolutions to remain one of the most popular forms of entertainment to date, its early beginnings as an 8-bit console will never wane as a quintessential item for the retro aesthetic.

SEGA celebrates its 60th anniversary and brings us back in time with the release of the Game Gear Micro. The miniaturised version of its predecessor is fully-functional. It’s furnished with small speakers on the bottom right of the console along with simple radial and duo-button controls that sit next to a tiny backlit screen measuring 1.15 inches. Worried about its practicality? Purchase all 4 models and SEGA will include a mini version of its Big Window magnifying-glass accessory.

The device has the ability to display 32 colors at a time to support all 4 variations of games included with the purchase of each model. SEGA’s Game Gear Micro is expected to launch this year at approximately $45 USD each at selected Japanese retailers.