Ron English Creates An Exclusive 850 Grin Art Toy For New Balance

words by angelyn

Released in 1996, the New Balance 850 was an immediate success among youths. Appointing 21-year-old Stephanie Howard to design a shoe that would appeal to her demographic in 1994 was a smart move for the American label as the 850 sees the current “NB” insignia stitched at the heel instead of the signature “N” logo.

New Balance celebrates the latest color-blocked, dad-inspired shoes from the New Balance 850 line with an exclusive> Grin art toy that was designed specially by American contemporary artist, Ron English.  Without a doubt, what strikes the new 850 apart from the rest are the bold combinations of bright colours and earthy tones. English reimagines his iconic skull motif in pink, blue and purple colorway and the artist’s signature wide grin.

From March 16 to April 16, you can join the online “lucky draw” if you have purchased pre-selected styles from the last New Balance range to stand a chance to win one Ron English 850 Grin art toy. There are only 150 pieces of the 4-inch collectible available worldwide so head over to New Balance’s Hong Kong website to enter the draw now.