Presenting Our #CultureCartel2019 Highlights…

words by iqmall

As you know, first times aren’t usually great for the majority of us. Last year (2018), Culture Cartel hosted/organised its inaugural 2-day street culture convention and it was a blast! Lucky for you, one year has passed so you don’t have to miss us any more.

We’re back again this year, for a total of 3 days, just so you could spend one more day with us. Alongside bigger, better and fresher headlines, duh.

Showcasing iconic graffiti styles and 80’s subway art movement on G-SHOCK’s latest collaboration, we have STASH and CRASH. These two pioneers of New York’s graffiti scene both found their passion for street art at an early age. No stranger to Culture Cartel, Josh Franklin (STASH) is a Brooklyn-based graffiti artist. At 17, he exhibited his first canvases alongside pop art trendsetters Keith Haring and Jean-Michael Basquiat.

Known for his curation of an iconic exhibition, “Graffiti Art Success for America”, CRASH began to spray painting New York City trains at 13. His past murals on subway cars and decaying buildings led him to a path of an artistic career, conveying a “visual link between street life and established society”.

To rep for the ladies, and serving us flower power, Lady Pink was one of the first women active in the early 1980s New York City subway graffiti subculture. Also known as the “first lady of graffiti”, Lady Pink uses graffiti and murals as acts of rebellion and self-expression, focusing her career on empowering women.

This year, Gakkin, a Japanese tattoo artist based in Amsterdam will be making a comeback. Well-liked by the masses, he is inspired by nature and Japanese ancient painters. His freehand work and capability to incorporate beauty and chaos, adding his personal twist to traditional Japanese tattoo without straying too far from its roots.

Arriving hand-in-hand with his 10-year-old daughter; Noko Nishigaki is one of the world’s youngest tattoo artist. With a total of 30 (and counting) clients, she began tattooing since she was six. However, her age isn’t the only thing that made her stand out. Noko has an adorably outstanding style; curling cats with flowering tails, sketch-like cranes and sparrows, lined bold-black and contrasted with a pop of colour.

A human body is a canvas where some have used tattoos to tell a story, express themselves or embody a walking art exhibition. For any reason you’re planning on getting a new tattoo, we got your skin covered. Here at Culture Cartel, we’ve invited tattoo artists from other parts of the world, to help represent the tattoo scene in street culture.

If you’re into colourful pieces, Oleksandra Ianchukova, or preferably known as Sasha Unisex is prominent for mimicking watercolour paintings and flawlessly placing it onto human canvases. Based in Russia, her one-of-a-kind work is uniquely fused with a myriad of colours and geometry, to seem as if they were painted directly on the skin.

There’s street art and art on the skin but we definitely didn’t forget about those who appreciate delicate pieces of art in unpredictable sizes from tiny figurines to life-size sculptures.

COARSE produces sculptures and vinyl toys straying from its name. With its sleek, clean and precise lines, edges and curves, COARSE is at the forefront at the vinyl toy art world. The creative duo, Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, creates narrative-driven sculptures to tell stories of sexual identity, the fear of time passing, and relationships falling apart.

Being taught illustration at the early age of four, Luke Chueh is involved with the lowbrow art movement. This first-generation American-born Chinese re-imagined himself into as a bear in his self-portraits, utilising minimal colour schemes. Featured in contemporary art galleries around the world and reinterpreted as collectables and limited edition vinyl toys, his work juxtaposes the cute with the morbid, as well as comedy with tragedy.

Born Quiccs Martinez, QUICCS, is a Filipino illustrator, toy designer and graffiti artist. He expressed his love of anime, specifically the Japanese mecha genre and 90’s hip-hop culture through his art. By fusing both of his interests together, it inspired him to create the “bulletpunk aesthetic” which has given him the opportunity to collaborate with Designer Toy producers; Flabslab from Singapore, Kidrobot, and Devil Toys from Hong Kong.

Get your passes here and show some love to these mad highlights on 6-8th December 2019.

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