Pac-Man Allows You To Customize Your Very Own Maze On Twitch

words by angelyn

Pac-Man has been the good old classic game for years and it will soon be playable on starting this June for its 40th anniversary. The new Twitch version, Pac-Man Live Studio, will be available in June and the great news is it will be free by turning in to its live channel.

Apart from all of Pac-Man’s original mazes, the game will also include other modes. In Endless Mode, you can play up to four participants and try to acquire a high score on the global leaderboard. To ensure its competitiveness, each player will only have one life per level. The best part about the game is the customization feature.

The Maze Creator will equip players with tools to create their own mazes and share their very own creation in the community. Lastly, Select Mode allows up to four players to compete for a high score on community-made mazes.