Daniel Arsham Fast Forwards to Pokemon from Year 3020

words by claudia

Nanzuka Gallery has announced the hosting of Daniel Arsham’s much-anticipated solo exhibition titled “Relics of Kanto Through Time”. These sculptures are the first collaborative art project with Pokémon which timely follows their apparel collection with Uniqlo UT scheduled to be released in Singapore this June.

Featuring icons of the Pokémon franchise such as Charmander and Eevee, the characters are reimagined and constructed with the contemporary artist’s ongoing practice of fictitious archaeology. Crafted to mimic erosion, each piece resembles an unearthed artefact thousands of years from now and viewing it in present time creates an experience of travelling through a passage where past, present and future are reassembled.

Made with pyrite, selenite, volcanic ash, glass and obsidiancapture to create its corroded appearance, the sculpture reveals a crystallised glory at a closer look. Familiarly portrayed as two-dimension characters on screen, your favourite pocket monsters will be available for viewing as Arsham’s reinvention at Nanzuka Gallery in Tokyo starting this month.