Nanzuka Gallery Hosts Exhibition With Works From Toshio Saeki and More

words by claudia

With Dae Lim Museum in Seoul being one of the first museums to welcome visitors amidst the frenzy, galleries and art spaces around the world are following suit as the world slowly opens up. For anyone who has been able to see works from their favourite artists in person, you’d know that the joy of being in its proximity is incomparable to viewing them through a device.

Following the hosting of the much-anticipated works by Daniel Arsham for “Relics of Kanto Through Time” Nanzuka Underground has announced its next show titled “Global Pop Underground”. This exhibition will showcase Japanese and international artists and a variety of new and archival works in various mediums to amplify the diversity and coexistence of today’s art. With artists such as the late Toshio Saeki and Keiichi Tanaami on their roster of exhibitors, you can look forward to illustrations circling themes of sexual taboo and surrealism. Amongst its roster of showcasing artists includes Hajime Sorayama, Haroshi, Erik Parker, James Jarvis, Katherine Bernhardt and many others.

“Global Pop Underground” will run from July 4 to July 26 at Parco Museum, Tokyo. Head over to Nanzuka’s official website for more information.