Mariko and Necco Vinyl Toys By Quiccs Ushers In A New Era

words by iqmall

A fan-favorite of Quiccs’ fantasy Bulletpunk universe, Mariko and her trusty feline companion, Necco is finally receiving the vinyl treatment. Teased back in 2019, the prototype made its rounds on the internet with the fans in rejoice having seen the badass lady in 3-D. Produced by Devil Toys in Hong Kong, the new vinyl art toy of the cybernetic school girl features an intricate, removable TEQ63-style helmet/mask and includes Necco—a companion, cyborg cat. This would mark the first unveiling of the warrior beneath the mask in Quicc’s Bulletpunk world.

The debut Mariko editions are available for pre-order for USD $78 each from the Devil Toys website. And as a special bonus, collectors who purchase both editions (USD $156) will receive a bonus DIY Necco.