KAWS Taps On Augmented Reality

words by angelyn

KAWS has been exhibiting his artwork in public spaces throughout his career and now, he is bringing KAWS iconic Companion into an interactive, real-world space via augmented reality. Titled EXPANDED HOLIDAY, the exhibition is a new initiative with Acute Art to feature 12 large-scale AR sculptures.

Originally, the American artist only made it available to fans across 12 cities worldwide such as London, New York, Tokyo and more. But, in light of the coronavirus, KAWS developed an addition where most of his audience can interact with the app within their own homes.  The Companion appears large over the space the user has set in when using the app and the AR Companion is available for lease via the app for 7 to 30 days for under $30.

Just like any other artwork, KAWS also released twenty-five limited-edition 1.8 m AR Companions for sale on their website for $10,000 which are already sold out. KAWS has advised the public to check out the secondary market to stand a chance to get one for yourself in the future. To experience KAWS art digitally, the Acute Art app is available for download across iPhone, Android, Samsung and more devices.