KAWS Is Handing The “L’s” Back To Bots

words by thaartist

Imagine this. You arise from your slumber. You drag your hungover self to your setup of devices – your iMac, your crappy work Windows laptop, iPhone 5 with a cracked screen. You are all ready to try, for the 17th time, to get that coveted piece dropping in 2 nerve wrecking minutes.
Bad luck. It’s sold out in 1.7 seconds, all before you hit that “add to cart”. Congratulations, the bots played yourself.

We all, including retailers and brands, know that one of the bane of online releases is dealing with bots. Ever noticed why homeboy always scores that latest drop to flip? Probably bots.

A few hours ago, KAWS dropped the latest artoy, GONE. Riddled with this problem, KAWS handing the L’s back to the Bots.

Regarding the GONE release, I was really disappointed to hear about all the bots on KAWSONE and decided to do something about it. Congratulations to all the actual people who were able to get through. Everyone else stay tuned. In the meantime, We are putting in overtime on the cancel order button. Going forward if we identify someone is using a bot to purchase something from KAWSONE we will block them from all future orders.
Stay tuned for a second opportunity to purchase remaining GONE inventory on KAWSONE.

Thank you..