G-SHOCK Teams Up With One Piece For A Coveted Collab

words by iqmall

G-SHOCK and collaborations go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. And the latest crossover has got fanbases shook. Recently teased on their Japanese and Asian social media accounts, a collaboration with the hit manga series One Piece has been hinted at.

There is also a dedicated page at world.g-shock.com, but the watch hasn’t been unveiled yet. The iconic franchise has previously worked with G-SHOCK before but if the leaks are believed to be true, the latest one will come in a heavily “tattooed” design on a black, red and white base. The design will celebrate the motley crew of pirates in differing insignia, silhouettes and text.

One Piece is arguably the most successful anime franchises not only in its sheer popularity but by also a large amount of paraphernalia strewn through its almost 40-year run. It will inevitably be a huge success with rabid fans from both sides awaiting eagerly for an official confirmation.