Create Urban Art on Your Window with Pejac

words by claudia

Street artist, Pejac revives his old concept of miniature window drawings and reintroduces it as a global art initiative titled “Stay Art Home”. The Barcelona-based artist is known for making statements through his artwork and social media, addressing unity and isolation in trying times and issues such as the destruction of nature and homelessness.

He shares the project with work-in-progress shots of his own clever twist on René Magritte’s “Golconda”—an oil painting done in 1953 popularly known for its scene of raining men. Pejac believes that there is an artist in everyone and that creating art can be helpful especially during this pandemic by alleviating anxiety and boredom.

The artist has released tutorials and urges his audience to get creative by utilising their living space as an urban canvas and creating their very own miniature art with common office stationery such as markers and scissors. Within a few days of announcing the project, he has amassed participants from 50 countries around the world and continues to share work tagged under #STAYARTHOMEPEJAC.