Chengdu Emerges From Lockdown With Jack Sach’s Jubilant Sculptures

words by claudia

To restore positivity into the city that’s just emerging from lockdown, British illustrator and 3D animator, Jack Sachs launched 5 large sculptures in Chengdu, China in collaboration with Sensing Art Lab, KIVI  and Ricky Funkel. These 3 to 4-metre tall fibreglass delights depict activities that were put on hold and dearly missed during the lockdown—one such activity being Mahjong, a popular Chinese game commonly played amongst 4 players.

In accompaniment, he also released interactive AR pieces to bring the sculptures to live. Wechat users in town can amuse themselves with a mini-game of mahjong or pose with larger-than-life characters!

Sach’s squiggly characters disseminate a sense of hopefulness by weaving into urban landscapes with their Play Doh-like malleability. Much of how his art looks today is a culmination of his training with traditional pen and paper and a recovered hand injury that introduced him to 3D software. His impressive list of clients include National Geographic, Google and Adult Swim, just to name a few.