Artists Reimagine Sailor Moon With Their Own Flair

words by claudia

The screenshot of Sailor Moon’s concerned gaze—seemingly mid-battle, kickstarted the “Sailor Moon Redraw” which has taken over social media over the past couple of days. Draw-it-in-your-style challenges primarily call out to illustrators to recreate a character invented by another artist and often concludes being remixed in a completely different style or headed towards the route of humour.

This challenge is believed to have been started by Korean artist, @O_NL44 last year with a screenshot that appears to be from Episode 125 of Sailor Moon S, titled “A Bright Shooting Star! Saturn, and the Messiah.”.

Being one of the greatest anime heroines of all time, it’s no surprise that artists from all over the world would participate in the challenge. With each iteration of Sailor Moon, the viewer enters a different realm of what could’ve been her world. Its submissions show her donned in modern jewellery, adopting the artist’s persona, cosplayed by the infamous Tiger King and even presented as a medieval character.