AMBUSH x BAIT Reveals Astro Boy AMBUSH Figure

words by angelyn

From KAWS to A Bathing Ape, many names in the streetwear culture have paid homage to Osamu Tezuka’s iconic manga series in their work. Now, the contemporary Japanese label AMBUSH has joined forces with BAIT to unveil their Astro Boy AMBUSH figurine. Though this is the first time AMBUSH has worked with Astro Boy, BAIT is no stranger to the character. The high-end collectable store released a glossy-finished Astro Boy figurine back in 2018 and an Astro Boy-inspired footwear collection with Diadora in 2017.

Now, AMBUSH and BAIT are here to drop the limited-edition figurine to 55 units. AMBUSH has reinterpreted the iconic figurine by adding metallic details and human-like emotions and dressing the icon in boiler suits with “AMBUSH” emblazoned at the back. To celebrate Astro Boy’s birthday, AMBUSH is releasing the figurine on sale on the icon’s birthday on April 7th. Available in both gold and silver colourways, you can purchase it online or at AMBUSH’s flagship locations in Tokyo.