1xRUN Launches Artwork Collection For Nike Air Max Day

words by angelyn

1xRUN has partnered with various independent artists to curate a series of limited prints and artwork for Nike Air Max Day 2020. Highlights from the collection include artist, Smoluk, featuring handmade shoe sculptures that are Air Max 90-inspired and Sheefy’s abstract interpretation of Nike’s Air Max in print format.

This isn’t the first time Smoluk crafted a series of shoe sculptures for Nike Air Max Day. Last year, the artist crafted a series of Air Max 90 silhouettes from cardboard and other various media and this year is no different. From cereal boxes to Arizona tea cans, the artist turned everyday items to sneaker sculptures.

Apart from Smoluk and Sheefy, other artists in this collection such as El Cappy and TYP also pay homage to Nike Air Max Day. TYP’s artwork features a collage of Tinker Hatfield while El Cappy uses mixed media to create his signature abstract collage. Head over to 1xRUN to check out the full collection that will be on sale today.