#CCIndex is a compendium providing the need-to-knows of the movers and shakers of street culture, regionally and internationally.

There is no talking about Singapore Sneaker Culture without mentioning Mandeep Chopra – the man behind Singapore’s first-ever dedicated sneaker boutique, Limited Edt.

Mandeep is the managing director of Sports Fashion which is the parent company behind locally renowned shops, Weston Corporation and Limited Edt. After graduating from the National University of Singapore, Mandeep joined the family business and began cultivating a sneakerhead community in Singapore. Mandeep started from the bottom and worked his way up despite it being a family business and ensured that he did not rest on his laurels. Interaction with the customers allowed him to keep up to date with the latest trends. It was through these interactions did he realise that there was a niche market for shoes that were meant for fashion and not only for sports. This led to the opening of the first Limited Edt outlet located at Queensway Shopping Centre. Despite a shaky start to the brand, Mandeep was committed to creating a sneaker culture and now has nine stores spread across the island. The brand now boasts over 400,000 likes on their Facebook page and has landed numerous collaborations with brands like Reebok, New Balance and Adidas.

Mandeep is revolutionising the sneaker culture in Singapore by diversifying Limited Edt to provide sneakers for all types of demographics. The expansion of the brand was done such that it would be able to provide for different needs be it basket-ballers looking for new shoes to hoop in or just someone looking for a casual shoe to rock over the weekend. Mandeep is ensuring that sneakers are for everyone and not just fashion mavens.