words by dechen 12.04.21

It’s as heartbreaking as it sounds, Jasmine Tuan of fashion swap pop-up Cloop.sg remarks. The fashion industry has done quite the number on our environment, with the existence of fast-fashion slamming the throttle on our already diminishing earth.

In like manner, founder of plantable candle label Pass It On Michelle Chow found her calling during a trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, where she witnessed the astounding beauty of nature lying in the wake of man-made destruction. Just like Jasmine, she hails from a consumer-based background in fashion and marketing.

Does that subject the fashion-forward to a lifetime of environmental sin?

Join the insightful discussion that happened this Air Max Day between Jasmine and Michelle, as they dissect the true meaning behind “sustainable fashion” and the paths that have led them to their own sustainability-focused blooming businesses with Limited Edt’s Mandeep Chopra.