Jewelry-wearers caught red-handed,
eating bare-handed

words by: belle
photography by: iqmall

date: 03/12/2019

We explored the highs and lows by placing two strikingly ironic acts together – eating while being decked out in the shiniest ornaments possible. It is imperative to most fashion enthusiasts to have some sort of accessory. Rings, necklaces and bracelets have all become an indispensable part of a well put together outfit. We paired up with local jewellery brand, MYRRH to explore this incongruity.

Jewellery is the most ancient form of body ornamentation, traditionally known as a symbol of wealth, status and membership. It is also used to move wedding dowries, keeping a large amount of wealth or for a simple reason; an aesthetic display. However, accessories hold different significance for different cultures and religions. In Rome, only people of a certain status were allowed to wear rings while in the 19th and 20th centuries, men who wore earrings were considered feminine. In Hinduism and Islam, married women should don necklaces of golden/black beads and men should wear gold respectively.

As time passes, things evolve, especially the symbolism behind the jewellery. In today’s mainstream culture, body piercings and accessorising oneself has evolved, becoming a symbol of courage and is considered to be a fashion must-have.

In the majority of polite western society, eating with your hands is a strict no-no. To some westerner’s, using one’s hand as a form of utensils signifies the lack of table manners. However, in some parts of the world, such as Southeast Asia, hands are the utensils of choice. While in Mexico, using fork and knife is an almost snobby practice.

The name of the label takes reference from “myrrh” as a medicine and anointing oil used widely in history for its healing properties. Just as pure liquid myrrh is extracted through a slow distillation process from its resin, MYRRH as a label embodies the healing process and a reawakening. Each piece of MYRRH jewellery is carefully handcrafted with dedication and precision, every piece signifying a new life, a gift of hope and an emblem of strength.

To showcase the dainty accessories of MYRRH, we chose to incorporate the display of accessories and the “crime” of consuming food with one’s hand. We decided to emphasize irony behind the symbol of wealth and status in jewellery, together with the ill-mannerism of eating bare-handed.