STAR WARS DAY 2021: A Chat With Licensed Star Wars Artist Rodel Gonzalez

There are fan artists, then there are the licensed fan artists who have been handpicked by Disney themselves – and Rodel Gonzalez happens to have the honour of being the latter.

Manila-born, Florida-based Rodel Gonzalez has had many achievements in his life, including being part of Manila’s longest-standing band Side A and getting selected as one of the very few licensed Star Wars artists in 2008. It’s clear to see that artistic passion for him comes from deep within. That, and having painter’s blood in his veins, passed down from generations of creatives in his family.

On the note of major accomplishments, having the OG mastermind behind the Star Wars films George Lucas purchase a couple of his artworks ranks pretty high up on his list. Four of Rodel’s original works reside in the possession of Lucas, including one of the wise Dagobah resident Yoda.

Click here to see more of Rodel’s works.

Watch the full interview below.