#CCIndex is a compendium providing the need-to-knows of the movers and shakers of street culture, regionally and internationally.

Originally from Osaka, Verdy is a Japanese graphic designer who is always smiling. Currently residing in Tokyo, he has always had a passion for drawing which dates back to middle school where he was heavily influenced by the Harajuku culture (a centre for Japanese youth culture and fashion).

As he grew older, he started immersing himself into the skate culture. Growing up in cultures where graphic design was apparent, he went on to study at the Osaka Design School. While Bape was his first entry to streetwear – purchasing the BAPE x Pepsi bottle caps, Verdy continues to draw influence from his background in punk music, citing famed bands like Minor Threat and Gang Green. His first few graphic design gigs mainly involved creating illustrations and flyer for punk bands.

He grew as a designer and went on to create a brand and skate team called ‘Wasted Youth’, a reflection of the frustrations he had when he was younger. ‘Girls Don’t Cry’ on the other hand was originally a message printed on a tee especially for his wife as a reminder to always keep her head up and smile. It is this very reason that the label only collaborates with brands or stores that his wife likes.

Verdy presents himself as the next generation of Japanese designers ready to take over the streetwear scene by storm. He is always looking to create outside his own personal realm in order to achieve more during collaborations. His Girls Don’t Cry Nike SB dunk resells for 10 times the retail price. OGs like Jun Takahashi and NIGO have collaborated with him and given him their stamp of approval. His illustrations and messages resonate with the common man as he hopes to inspire future generations to do whatever it takes to fulfil their dreams, just like he did.