#CCIndex is a compendium providing the need-to-knows of the movers and shakers of street culture, regionally and internationally.

UNKL347 is a clothing company that was started by a couple of college friends, Dendy Darman, Arifin Windarman, Anli Rizansi and Lucky Widiantra, in Bandung, Indonesia in 1996. Made out of love for music, skateboarding, surfing and design, UNKL347 pioneered and inspired the indie clothing trend in Indonesia.

“After 10 years, friends call us uncle”

From “347boardriders” to “347/eat” and eventually settling on UNKL347 in 2006, the label has gone through several names but what remains constant is the number 347 – a homage to the street where the first store was located, Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No. 347.

With an initial capital of only 50.000 rupiah (roughly SGD$5), the brand primarily focused on working with local bands to produce album cover designs but still staying true to their surfing and skateboarding roots. As the bands would often don ‘347’ during their stage performances, the label became increasingly known and this significantly impacted its development as the label widened its scope of products. From organizing youth movements to supporting the development of subcultures, UNKL347 has been pivotal in cultivating Bandung’s creative and clothing scene. It has even branched out to other passion projects which includes creating ‘Lucas and Sons’ surfboards and food in the ‘U & KL Kitchen’.

The UNKL347 store in Bandung has become one of the most popular destinations in Bandung with every piece from the label, up to the last thread, utilising local materials and heroes. Instead of putting ‘Made in Indonesia’, the company puts ‘This is not made in China’ labels on its products as a campaign to support Indonesian products as its consumer base continues to expand in other countries like Australia, Singapore, Germany and New Zealand.