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Culture Cartel 2018, Asia’s premiere street culture convention, concludes its power-packed weekend of more than 100 curators, artists, retailers and brand partners from different genres of street culture with an attendance of more than 14,000 strong. Here’s a brief recap of what went down!

For our first edition of Culture Cartel, we teamed up with brand partner Mercedes-Benz to showcase an art installation of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class by American contemporary and street artist, and Culture Cartel 2018 ART Headliner, Joshua Vides. This collaboration marks the world’s first official car to undergo Joshua’s signature ‘Reality to Idea’ art concept, whereby he highlights the shape and form of objects through a black and white comic-like perspective, showcasing the concept-state beauty of end products.

Another highlight was a booth by the other Culture Cartel 2018 ART Headliner, Mr Stash himself, which showcased the graffiti legend’s artworks and notable collaborations, with a selection of original artworks on sale, which were freshly painted in Singapore.

The big names in fashion and lifestyle also showcased what they were all about at this point in time: ASICSTIGER showed MONSOON PATROL, a three-way collaboration between SBTG, Limited Edt and themselves; Google went VR and put their Tilt Brush software to the test; Nike stomped the grounds with an Air Force One workshop and display; Levi’s collaborated with four artists (Mightyellow, Erikartoon, Mean and Fvder) to elaborate the connectivity of their denim jacket throughout various genres of street culture; Belvedere went all baller with personal customisations of their bottle; Skechers brought in Studio Moonchild to do on-the-spot customisations of their D’Lites 3; Nixon, Timex and Kapten & Son presented their latest collections; Samsung teamed up with Indonesian street artist, Stereoflow, to showoff their new Galaxy A9’s wide lens camera; PUMA set up a laboratory, giving new life to their Cell technology; and adidas brought us into tomorrow land with their new Futurecraft 4D.

We also banded together Singapore’s Bearbrick collectors to do a showcase of the rarest and most collectible Bearbricks out there.

Shepard Fairey also sent his team down to Singapore to put up two Obey Giant murals for Culture Cartel 2018.

The Berlin Wall was constructed in 1961 to separate West Berlin and East Berlin during the Cold War. All the differences between the countries made it a perfect place for people to express their opinions. In the 1980s, the wall was reconstructed and made 14 feet tall, and graffitiing on the wall became popular for artists from all over the world. It now stands as one of the largest canvas in the world.

At Culture Cartel 2018, we attempted to create our own Southeast Asian ‘Wall of Art’, which featured (in order of left to right, top to bottom) Katun (MY), JEFR (MY), Cloakwork (MY), Beerpitch (TH), Rukkit (TH), Cloakwork x Katun x Nestwo (MY), Nestwo (MY), Clogtwo (SG), Stereoflow (ID), SKL0 (SG), Tuyuloveme (ID), Mightyellow (SG), Yok & Sheryo (AU/SG), Erikartoon (SG) and Tiffany Lovage (SG)…

Which were laid out like that…

Another notable booth at Culture Cartel 2018 was by Hong Kong urban outdoor brand, Subtle, who flew in two graffiti artists, Kenji Chai (MY) and Artime Joe (KR), to collaborate on a mural for the pre-launch of their new collection, ‘Mainstreet’.

From art to toys to tattoo to fashion, the collective street culture world came together, eliminating borders and boundaries, to showcase different crafts and collaborations to people from all walks of life — it was ultimately a celebration of diversity and creativity.

Indonesian street artists Olderplus (ID) and Muklay (ID) also performed live painting during the opening night of Culture Cartel 2018. Many visitors who were watching came to the same realisation that there are those who are born with artistic talent and then there is everyone else.

What is a celebration without food? Check out the unique offerings from our F&B friends below!

Putting together an inaugural convention of this scale is not an easy feat and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you — we at Culture Cartel would like to say thank you! To everyone who participated and supported Culture Cartel 2018, we will work towards bringing an even bigger and better convention to Singapore and beyond.

Spread the love, spread the word. We are Culture Cartel. See you in 2019!