about us

Culture Cartel is a brand dedicated to illuminating the different subcultures across Singapore, South-East Asia and the world. We represent everything from art, to fashion, to toys, tattoos and everything in between. Our mission is to do justice to the belied and reinvent the image of street culture.

In its inaugural year, Culture Cartel Convention brought together over 14,000 people to the Singapore F1 Pit Building in Asia’s first and only all-encompassing street culture convention. Attendees were served a cultural awakening of epic proportions. Intricately complex tattoos were inked, street art lined the walls, toys displayed like fine art in a museum and rare kicks throughout history were on show.

Building from the momentum of our convention, we’ve launched culturecartel.com. A website that reads like an intimate diary; detailing every encounter with street culture. Documenting conversations with cultural stalwarts, digging deeper into burgeoning brands and reimagining stories through our own lens. Always searching for the visceral feeling of new discoveries and shedding light on the untainted.

Culture Cartel continues to push the boundaries in our quest to inform the masses of the past, present and future of street culture. We turn curious outsiders to informed insiders. Riveting digital campaigns, groundbreaking pop-up installations and a trailblazing creative agency, our pursuit of the novel will never stop.