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Aug 11-14 313@Somerset (Main Lobby)

Culture Cartel Genesis

Culture Cartel Gensis

Launched in 2018 as a venue and platform for street artists, designers, tattoo artists, and urban brands across the world to gather and showcase their craft, skill and passion, Culture Cartel aims to curate a holistic, educational and engaging street culture showcase that has never been seen before in Asia, and further cementing Singapore as a regional street culture hub.

With an expected attendance of 20,000 Singaporean and overseas visitors across four days, attendees to Culture Cartel 2022 can look forward to first-in-the-world collection releases, exciting brand collab series; exclusive CC merchandise; live talks, panel discussion and masterclasses with brand leaders; as well as giveaways and raffle draws of limited-edition bundles and drops.

Launching our first NFT series with two well-known, Singapore-based custom tattoo artists, Augustine Nezumi founder of Singapore Electric Studio and Frankie Sexton of Singapore Electric Tattoo Studio, have combined their artistry and distinctive style of Irezumi and anime respectively, for the first time, to design and combine both tattoo styles into the these NFT artworks that a small portion will be launched as “Culture Cartel Genesis” NFT Series during the event.

Price Will be revealed
Launch date: 11 August
Supply: 100 Genesis Passes


Augustine Nezumi

Founder of esteemed tattoo parlour Singapore Electric, Augustine Nezumi has an impressive 21 years of experience working with ink. The tattoo virtuoso is known for his stylistic take on Japanese oriental art – a blend between the traditional and new traditional – an amalgamation borne out of his years training in Osaka under the guidance of a Japanese Master.

Frankie Sexton

Having spent a decade honing his craft, tattoo enthusiasts flock to Frankie Sexton for his anime-style pieces. Also an acclaimed tattooer of the Singapore Electric crew, Frankie creates masterpieces that are heavily inspired by the panels of Japanese manga with an uncompromising attention to detail.




Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that represent real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos, powered and stored in a blockchain.



  1. You will first need a wallet like metamask that can be downloaded via your browser or on your mobile phone. 
  2. Buy or transfer ETH to your wallet (cater for gas fee)
  3. Buy Genesis on Opensea



We have an exciting roadmap of utilities that will be revealed in the lead up to Culture Cartel 2022. Watch this space.



Through Genesis, Culture Cartel has been spawned into the online world fuelled by a renewed passion brought on by the possibilities that have once again opened up for us. 

Culture is ever-evolving and we’re seeking new platforms to express creativity – this time we’re delving into the brand new realm of NFTs.

This is Genesis; this is the beginning of a rediscovery for Culture Cartel and we’d like you to come along for the ride.